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              Since the foundation of our company, Feida Group has always adhered to the enterprise tenet of“Based on agriculture, looking forward of thedevelopment of the country, and concerning about the peasants”and we have always put our concentration on doing and developing the thingswhich welcomed by market, advocated by the public, and supported by the government. With persistent perusing, untiring struggling, we havebroken various kinds of difficulties, created brilliant achievements, and open up a special management way.

              In an instant, ten years has passed. In this decade, Feida Group has explored and expanded our ways against the difficulties. And with painstakingand sweat, we have achieved glorious results. Finally we have become the leading enterprise in this industry with our strong scientific researchabilities, vast planting land, and component marketing team. Becoming the national-level leading enterprise in agricultural industry and beenidentified as Chinese well-known trademark have become the past. Now as we stand on a brand-new platform, what we are pursuing isstriving to be the national key leading corporation in agricultural industry. We shall take every effort to make Feida Group the biggest agro-product processing enterprise in China and exert ourselves for the development of China Seasoning Industry Park.

              If a man wish to be successful himself, he shall seek to help others to become the success first. Thus, if an enterprise intent to reap profit and seekdevelopment, the first priority is to provide safe products and superior services, improve customers’living quality, and promote social progressand development. We sincerely wish to go hand in hand with people from all circles to shoulder social responsibilities and to fulfill our dreams.